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i just need my neck kissed 

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so im fucked then.

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Sierra Leone


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Megan Maughan - “5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder”

"Push her so far into the mattress that she disappears completely. She will say your name over and over and over until she forgets her own."

Performing for Indiana University at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.


We Speak is a poster and blog campaign featuring ten young women who are speaking up about their relationships with mental health and how it informs their identities. Part of Launch: Stamps School of Art and Design’s Senior Thesis Exhibition at the University of Michigan, it will be featured at Work Gallery - Ann Arbor in the exhibition opening on Friday, April 18th from 6-9. The show will remain up through May 3rd. 

In the past year, the ten young women featured in the poster portion of We Speak came face to face with the state of our mental health. Our stories, carefully and honestly written, are meant to start a conversation about a topic that many of us wish we could ignore. But these are our realities, and in sharing them, we want to start chipping away at the stigma that often keeps us feeling weak and alone.

In addition to the original ten participants, everyone is encouraged to consider sharing their own story about mental health. By contributing your experiences, you can help open the discussion about the importance of mental health and tear down the stigma that keeps it so hidden. By sharing this project, you can foster support.

We Speak blog | More information | Submit your story | Mental health resources | By Alicia Kovalcheck

Forget the fact of black ppl we feel too. I feel like so often as black people the only thing people stereotype us to feel is struggle as if we we are not all millions of mini miracles running around as if every single interact and action we have aren’t phenomenal wonders that only happens to us in this god given play we are individuals with potential and purpose and free will. God just wants us to choose him.
Chosen we act if all we know is struggle can’t be Killed at gas station for anymore reason than human
We give each action this. Meaningless title when words can not explain the pinnacle of periods coming to together to create time
We are all capsules of time beautifully wrapped in skin
Tragically tempted by sin
Sin skin sin skin to skin

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The 4th and final season of The Boondocks is upon us, are you ready?

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Satisfying things

being a human is so weird

the leaf in the water made me so hungry idk why it’s so relaxing i gotta poop too

Those pancakes look like dorayaki i don’t trust them

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