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African American is a specific ethnicity. Not everyone who is black is African American.



People need to get that.

and also it doesn’t necessarily cover immigrant citizens from Africa

This whole conception is misconstrued. African Americans are African immigrants, who know where they come from, and have resettled in America. Black people are the Israelites struggling to find their identity. I’m an Israelite not African.

African American is a specific ethnicity. Not everyone who is black is African American.



People need to get that.

and also it doesn’t necessarily cover immigrant citizens from Africa

This is an argument in it of itself. African American doesn’t make sense an African American is someone from a particular part of Africa whose moved and created families in America. Black people are the Israelites with lost identities trying to figure out who they are.

Dreadlock History




Dreadlocks are one of the oldest hairstyles in the world, with records dating far back in history and contrary to popular belief, not exclusive to the Rastafari movement or African American hair-types.
European cultures rumored to have worn dreadlocks were the Celts (specifically the Druids) as well as some other Gallic tribes. Documentation is scarce but it is said that some Celtic warriors would lime their hair, making it lighter and stiffer,so that it would spike back in a more intimidating fashion (an iron-age replication of Celtic warriors is to the left and the one at the middle is shown with locks over his shoulders while the rest of the hair is spiked outward.)
Vercingetorix of the Arverni tribe united the Gauls against Rome unsuccessfully. He was captured by Caesar and held prisoner, later to be executed.
Just below is a Roman coin that was made depicting the Gaul at the time (with locked hair.) In later renditions (paintings or statues) he is depicted with either flowing, chunky locks or dreadlocked hair… since the coin was made in 48 b.c. it makes you wonder which is the more accurate depiction.

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet there is mention of “elf-locks”. Elf-locks (or pixie-locks; fairy-locks) are said to be tangles that where put into the hair of livestock or people by the fae. It was said that to undue the tangles would cause bad luck and many believers would intentionally leave these locks to continue to dread throughout the rest of their lives. The aforementioned quote was in reference to Queen Mab of the fairies:
“She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes
In shape no bigger than an agate stone…….
That plaits the manes of horses in the night
And bakes the elflocks in foul sluttish hairs,
Which once untangled, much misfortune bodes.”
Another example of this is of Gna Vanna (left) who is recorded by Eliza Putnam Heaton in her book from 1920, The By-Paths in Sicily, as following the Strega Path (Italian spiritualist/healer) and having pixie locks that she refuses to brush out or cut saying that in her doing so would cause her to die.
Dreadlocks were a desirable hairstyle of the Egyptians who would wear either their hair or wigs of dreadlocks or plaits (braids) adorned in gold and were a status symbol of the wealthy. This has been proven by statues and hieroglyphics depicting the style as well as archaeologists confirming dreadlocks on unwrapped mummies (as King Tutankhamen’s preservation can attest!)
Sadhus and Sadhvis of India grow locks which are considered sacred and the manifestation of their disregard for vanity (also considered a sign of virility!)
As with Hinduism, some forms of Buddhism (such as Ngakpa) also hold dreadlocks as a sign of letting go of vanity and materialism.
Various ethnic groups throughout Africa wear dreadlocks for varying reasons such as the Fang people of Gabon, Akan people of Ghana, Maasai wariors and Turkana people of Kenya are among a few. Mostly this style is reserved for spiritual people but not exclusive domain throughout the continent.
Whether it is for fashion or for a spiritual connotation, dreadlocks have been grown on various hair types throughout history and the world, including those wearing them today. It’s important to know a little background because a lot of today’s “dreadheads” are accused of cultural appropriation by allowing their hair to dreadlock due to dreadlocks more commonly being associated with the Rastafari movement, which was adopted in the 1930’s.

For all of you fucking assholes complaining about is white people having dreads and accusing us of it being cultural appropriation.

Asshole, dreadlockssite is NOT a credible source of information, and it’s already been proven and established BY PEOPLE IN AND FROM THE CULTURES AS WELL AS THOSE WHO HAVE EXTENSIVELY STUDIED AND ARE EXPERTS ON THOSE PEOPLES that Vikings and Celts DID NOT WEAR DREADS.


^^^ read the above as to why and how dreads for white people is actually racist and disrespectful as hell.

If you truely thought that dreads on white people were supposed to happen you wouldn’t have to write a dissertation  to defend your bullshit.

This is some bull. First to call them “dreadlocks” is racist in it of itself. Europeans named them that bc they were seen as “dreadful”

Honestly, to the writing of books there is no end. Why would you even start off with the Europeans as if that is where it started. White ppl with locks still bother me.

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if you are attracted to me you are required by law to tell me. 

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“Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:39, AMP).

Isn’t it wonderful to know that nothing can separate us from the Love of God? His love is truly amazing. It goes beyond any human love we could ever know. There’s nothing we can do to make Him love us more, and there is nothing we can do to make Him love us any less. His love is everlasting.

Oftentimes, when people make mistakes or feel that they have disappointed God, they think they have to stay away from Him until they “get their act together” so to speak. But nothing could be further from the truth! He’s always there with open arms, ready to receive you and make you new. Remember, God’s not mad at you; He’s madly in love with you! You are on His mind day and night. His thoughts are precious towards you.

If there is anything in your life that is keeping you from receiving His amazing love, choose to set those things aside today. Let His love restore you and make you new. Simply come to Him with an open heart and receive everything He has in store for you

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these two are the world to me. my man and my child. it gets no better.

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where is
the lie

It attracts some ankh niggas, but it’s foolproof repellent for basic niggas.

you know what else is fuck nigga repellant?

having SHORT natural hair.

I’m talking, BIG CHOP natural hair. 

they don’t like it when they can see the shape of your head. lol


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